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EP 156 – Eat This: Mighty Macros and More!

The podcast and radio show is called EAT THIS with Lianne. While I incorporate food into each episode, topics of late like sauna and cold plunge, meditation, listening to yourself, mental health, and other broader health topics that relate to food, I felt like we hadn’t had a focused discussion about the food that’s on your plate in a while. Sure, knowing how to stabilize your blood sugar with a glucose monitor that Chris and […]

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EP 128 – Eat This: Eat for your mitochondria

Nourishing your mitochondria isn’t likely your first thought as you open your eyes in the morning. And yet, the energy, the thought, the movement that follows waking up, all take energy produced within each and every cell in your body. You know that I love to do a deep dive on this show and podcast, and truly, I’m not sure if we could go deeper than the structures in the cell that make energy by […]

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EP 125 – Eat This: Biohacking

The term ‘hacking’ likely doesn’t fill you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, but more of an uh oh about what part of your life you’re about to lose to the hacker. Then there’s hacks that make life easier; something quick and speedy like breakfast, lunch or dinner hack. Hacks to get yourself or kids in bed. The list goes on to infinity with shortcuts to make life easier. There’s another hacking phenomenon going on […]

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Ep 120 – Eat This: Change your behaviour to feel better

There are incremental steps and choices made that we’ve all taken in our life that have us in the place that we are at right here and now. Some have led to hugely successful and positive outcomes, and some the polar opposite that look like failure and breakdown. Then there’s the middle of the road outcomes like the day to day that are somewhere in the middle. Sometimes there are great things happening for us […]

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EP 119 – Eat This: Why can’t I lose weight?

With apps out there that help you to hack your metabolism, claiming to help you “watch your weight come off”, is there anyone that actually believes that such a thing is possible. Getting ripped, beach body and bikini ready makes me cringe. Not only is there such potential for body dysmorphia and no one ever being happy with their size and shape, but seeing headlines like that certainly don’t help things. There are “commercial” diet […]

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EP 118 – Eat This: Low sugar diet

So hopefully you know sugar isn’t your best friend from a health perspective, but you might be in denial because man it tastes good, right? The thought of giving it up leaves most people really on the fence and maybe not doing as much as they can for fear of sacrificing taste and missing out on what they love to eat. Avoiding sugar isn’t the easiest thing to do either as it’s in packaged foods, […]

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EP 116 – Eat This: Vegan Pastries

You know when you walk by a bakery and the smell of freshly baked bread oozes out as someone opens the door and walks out with their bag of flour, butter, eggs and sugar combined into a delicious loaf of bread, scone, cookie, donut, or whatever has taken your fancy! That smell…  it’s like they’re pumping out to draw you in! I can remember coming home from school to the smell of freshly baked cookies […]

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EP 115 – Eat This: Regenerative farming

You’ve heard the saying, you are what you eat, right? Well, I know I don’t look like the blueberries I had for breakfast, but I do know that my cells are happier for the vitamin C, vitamin K1, manganese and potassium and plant antioxidants, my gut loves the fibre and my mouth loves the sweet taste. But what if my blueberries were conventionally grown? What if I didn’t buy only organic berries? Well, that would […]