EP 64 – Eat This: Anti-Aging

When you hear anti-aging, what image pops into your mind? A smooth, youthful, face with no wrinkles? A person and body without disease? A sound and clear mind without dementia? No aches and pains either as you get out of bed or during the day? Or how about anti-aging meaning that you live a vibrant, healthy and energy filled life for as long as you live? The perspective of what anti-aging means is unique to you and me.

The dictionary references a product or technique designed to prevent the appearance of getting older, as in an anti-aging cream. While I wish slapping on a cream was the answer to the signs of ageing and oxidative damage on the outside, I know full well that it all starts on the inside. What if, rather than living to a ripe old age of whatever, we lived a vibrant, energetic and healthy life? That our time on this planet is full of energy, vigor and not thinking that as we age, we are going to break down, like an old car does? Go through life without aches and pains, and end up with a disease like a heart attack or cancer that finishes us off?

I think that aging well is more than a face and body that is like the eternal Cher, who is in her mid 70s and there’s not a laugh line to be seen on her face. The fountain of youth can really be had by all, and while it’s important to live in the moment, being mindful of the impact of what you eat, drink, your thoughts and activity all plays a much bigger part than how good your plastic surgeon is. I have my thoughts on what needs to be focused on, and I’ll get to that. I’m about to turn half-a-century-old so this is also a self-serving episode. That sounds way worse than saying that I’m 50, doesn’t it? But it’s true: HALF A CENTURY. That’s me as of April 9th, 2021. But as I celebrate a half a century on the planet, I asked for help from my community and experts that I respect. So today on EAT THIS with Lianne, anti-aging from a bunch of different perspectives.

Google anti-aging and you’ll see first all the ‘clinics’ that will fill your face with Botox, scrape off all the dead stuff with a layer of skin so you can unleash the fountain of youth that is under those dark spots, wrinkles and scars. Then the long slew of anti-aging creams and products swiftly follow. And that’s only dealing with what you see in the mirror.

What about all the other contributing factors to what happens as we age? The work that our bodies, cells, organs, immune system, and even our eyes do for us each and every day?! I know that there’s a lot more going on inside us that we can’t see that has the most to do with our overall health, and so of course how our bodies are coping with the use and sometimes abuse that we put it through.

As it’s my 50th birthday, I thought I’d ask others to weigh in before I get to my recommendations on how to stay young, vibrant and full of energy. 

Let’s start with a super funny comment from Janice – Sticking your face in the dishwasher as it finishes for a free, instant facial! Seriously, sunscreen. When I look at my sun worshiping friends it adds years to their complexions. Also, don’t get married and have kids that also adds years.

Dr. Davis Brockenshire’s top 5 hacks for aging healthfully, gracefully.
1. Incorporate active rest into your day, every day. Can’t go at full throttle every day. Use wearable technology like the Oura ring to see how good your sleep is, how you are breathing, and ensure that you’re getting healthy rest. Try
2. Get up and move. The number one thing to do is to move or even exercise. Play, go for a walk, mix it up and do something fun. If it’s not fun, it will be work.
3. Have a good community. We are pack animals by nature, which makes the last 12 months very difficult. We will see people again, you are going to likely see that people look old! A good solid community and family seems to help reduce stress levels and helps to protect the body.
4. Increase the spice in your life. Two parts to this; cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, rosemary, and ginger. These are also medicinal herbs. Rosemary can enhance brain function. Turmeric has curcuminoids for anti-inflammatory. Ginger is helpful to protect from bugs – so eat it with your raw sushi. Cinnamon is helpful for sugar metabolism. They all decrease
Part two is to get spicy in your relationship. Centenarians in studies in Italy, people would have a nap and what can happen in the bedroom? Yep, let your imagination take that one to the spiciness that is needed.
5. Have an abundance mindset. That scarcity mindset or downer mindset and feeling down, thinking that nothing will ever get better or believing that there is more to live.
Have a rotation type diet. Change it up, go more to a plant based diet. As we age, say over 70, aim for much less meat, protein, and fat and have a LOT more plant based foods in your diet. That doesn’t mean that you can’t eat a prime rib every now and again, but not daily. The more you rotate your diet, the more resilient your digestive system will be.

And from another couple of colleagues … 

Sofia Pistrila – Take care of your gut, kidneys and liver! If those three work well, your brain will as well!

Meredith Ann Deasley – Eat less dairy, wheat, and red meat and consume hardly any alcohol!

Ann, an extremely fit and active person said: Drink water. Move your body, vigorously.

Shadell is taking care of her skin: Wear sunscreen on your face and neck every day.

Charlie: The best anti-aging advice I ever received was to not be anti-aging. Enjoy every wrinkle and grey hair, it says a life well lived. Courtesy of my step-mother who looks old, drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney and can party and outparty the 20 yr olds!

Clare Kumar, productivity expert, thinks that sleep is crucial for anti-aging.

Ok with all that said, we’ve got some work to do I think. Well I do, a bit. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and insight!

My Recommendations

  • Sugar – gotta ditch it. As much as possible. It’s the one thing that will help to start to balance you out from the inside out. 
  • Water – It has to happen. Herb teas, water, lemon water first thing oh and use that filter like we talked about in episode 61 
  • Fruits and veggies – the most colourful as possible.
  • More plants, less meat, just as Dr B said. 
  • Take care of your digestion, support your microbiome and liver. That’s crucial to so many aspects of health.

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