5-Day Challenge to Ditch the Holiday Eating Habits

I get it. The holidays took over although you had the best of intentions. Or maybe you just thought you’d go for it and deal with the consequences come January 1st. 

Either way, here we are. It’s time. 

Let’s do this, together. You’re not alone. 

While I’m well aware that it takes 21 days to change or create a habit, starting with 5 days seems a lot less painful. Don’t you agree? After you’ve followed this challenge from start to finish, rinse and repeat. Sticking to every foundational tip in this 5-day challenge could have you reach goals that you hadn’t even set. Like…

~ Sleeping through the night without waking.
~ Easily falling asleep, and not in front of the TV.
~ Waking without the foggy brain.
~ Feeling consistent energy all day, even throughout the afternoon.
~ Regular, easy bowel habits.
~ Less gassiness and bloated belly.
~ Fewer cravings.
~ Feeling in control of what you’re eating.
~ Vibrant, glowing and soft skin.
~ Better focus and concentration.
~ Shedding those unwanted pounds, in a way that keeps them gone. 

While this list sounds like it would involve pixie dust to get you there, I promise you it won’t. It involves food. It comes down to the kinds and types of food that you choose, and the timing of when you eat them. Just to manage expectations, I’m not guaranteeing that you’re going to have all of the above in 5 days, but you’ll be well on your way there. Where you are starting will determine how long it will take to get there. 

This 5-day challenge is where the possibility starts. You know how you don’t want to feel, so let’s focus on changing that, one day and mouthful at a time. 

We are going to be talking about hydration, fibre, the timing of your meals, how to deal with your daily energy crash and more. 

The habits that you’ll create during and after this challenge will help you find your new healthy normal. 

Join here. It’s completely free. You and your body need this. 

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Foundational supplements to enhance this challenge:

We can do this with food alone, but it might take longer. If you’d like to expedite your results, consider the products below. 

Adult Boost –  Multi-Nutrient with protein, enzymes and immune support
Skin Boost – Superfood powder with antioxidants, fibre and colourful foods that you may not want to eat.
Bio Boost – Probiotics to ease that bloated belly, gassiness, diarrhea, constipation or irregular bowel habit.
Alka C – Buffered vitamin C and minerals.
Sunshine D3 + K2 – While not energy-specific, this helps all direct the right nutrients to the right place. Vitamin D also has a huge influence on the immune system. 

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