Month: June 2020

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Eat This: Totally Useless Nutrition

Today you’re in for a real fun ride in this episode! And to change things up and keep it all real and interesting, this week it’s time for a different type of self-care medicine: LAUGHTER! While the past two weeks of focusing on self-care, mindful, meditative, and even orgasmic eating, we also need to stay fresh like those recently picked summertime strawberries that I’ve bought at the farmers market the past two weeks!  Sidebar: If […]

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Eat This: Self-Care and Mindful Eating

Mindful eating. What does that mean exactly? And how does that apply to food and eating? This week we’re continuing with the theme of self-care and food, taking a look at a concrete strategy you can actually put into practice by the end of this episode. I’m going to tell you all about the practice of mindful and even meditative eating—something that’s kind of new for me too and that I work on every day—and […]

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Eat This: Self Care With Food

Is eating really a form of self-care? And how can we use food to slow down and appreciate what we have? You’ve seen the social media post declaring that stressed spelled backwards is desserts so that makes eating all the treats a form of self-care somehow right… right?! I tell you to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day and that’s good for your mind and body, but what about that TV commercial […]

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Eat This: Dinner Rehab

Dinner, dinner, dinner! Well, we had to round out the last of the REHAB series with our final installment: DINNER. The mack daddy of all the meals of the day. It’s the anchor, where the family comes together, and the three meals of the day are nicely squared away. While I talked about a bunch of myths to do with breakfast and even snacks, dinner and myths – not so Google worthy.  But that’s not […]

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Eat This: Breakfast Rehab

Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast! We’re told it’s the most important meal of the day, but did you know that saying was started in the 19th century by James Caleb Jackson and John Harvey Kellogg to sell their newly invented breakfast cereal. Sounds to me like that marketing strategy was a winner! Some are breakfast eaters and others aren’t. Whether it’s because it’s a pain to make, you don’t have time and leap out of bed and […]