Month: April 2020


Eat This: Reduce Your Food Waste

Shopping… meal planning… watching your weekly spend go up, maybe. Or is it going down because you’re ordering online and can’t just pick up that little extra thing that you think you’ll fancy for your midnight snack?  Thinking about stretching our food budget further than we have before, let’s look a bit deeper at food waste. Yep, what’s lurking at the bottom or back of the fridge that you can’t rescue or add to some […]


Eat This: Real people. Real stories. Real challenges.

Nipping out to the store to shop for a day or two or grab dinner is a thing of the past right now. Going out for dinner… pah, that now looks like setting up a table in another room of your house. Making a new recipe and getting halfway through and realize that you need ONE ingredient to make it work… damn, damn, damn. Got a mini freezer that you’re trying to keep all that […]


Eat This: Storage Wars

So you’ve shopped… maybe like me you stood in line for about an hour and navigated the store yourself, maybe relying on online ordering or something that I did to really physically distance was to send in an order and picking up my shopping with it being put in the trunk of my car. Genius way to it.   No matter how you’re shopping, it’s just the beginning of so many questions. Wash, not wash, ditch […]

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Eat This: Bullet Proof Your Immunity

There has never been a more important time to amp it up, give it all you’ve got and do what’s needed to bulletproof your immunity. Lucky for you, immunity is one of the systems that I geek out on and in this episode, I want to pass on to you what I know, with the whys and hows ’cause that’s what it comes down to – knowing exactly what you do to make it happen, […]