Month: February 2020

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Eat This: Living The Sugar-less Dream

In episode 7, I did a deep dive into all about sugar, why we LOVE it, why we crave it and why you’d want to do better. This week, I thought we’d hear from someone who has been living a sugar-free lifestyle for 8 YEARS!! Is he crazy, has he lost his mind? Let’s find out. Barry Friedman is a 4-time World Juggling Champion, who has appeared on over 200 local, national, and international television […]

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Eat This: Is Sugar Evil?

Are you an addicted, got-to-have-it kinda person when it comes to sugary and sweet foods? Do you look at others who bypass the chocolates, donuts, and cakes wondering how on earth they don’t stop and stuff their face, because that’s just what you want to do? As humans, don’t we have this innate need for sugar? In This episode… we discuss SUGAR and how there is a disconnect between what the brain knows and what […]

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Eat This: Surviving Stress

Is your job throwing more balls at you than you can juggle? Are you feeling the burn of a family schedule that makes you run from one thing to the next? You may not be able to change the workload… You may not be able to change everything you feel is best for your family… but you can choose how you navigate it all and of course what you put onto your fork and into […]

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Is there a Brewery in your Belly? You might have Auto-Brewery Syndrome

Auto-brewery syndrome, or gut fermentation syndrome, is a rare condition in which fungi in the gut rapidly convert carbohydrates into alcohol. Yes, your gut is acting as a brewery. But how? More on that shortly.  While people who have auto-brewery syndrome may have high blood alcohol levels after ingesting a small quantity of alcohol or even no alcohol at all so it can cause the same physical and psychological symptoms that occur when a person […]