Month: October 2018

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At Work and Tired

Diet plays a huge part in both the quality of your sleep and your energy when awake. With three quarters of the work force in Canada saying that they are tired while at work, it’s time to do something different. Like a roller coaster ride, blood sugar highs and lows plague the majority of our work force. Is it because of a bad night’s sleep or because of the food that’s eaten during the day? […]


A time of re-focus

There’s never a dull moment around here, I can tell you! While in the midst of the #DoThis weight loss challenge with Jerry Agar and other colleagues from NewsTalk1010 and Virgin Radio, I had an accident. Not just a trip and fall over a low hanging branch. Nope. A full-on, thrown-on-a-sailboat-when-the-keel-hit-the-ground kinda accident. One that launched me in the air. No part of me touching the boat. I was flying without wings, only to land […]