Month: December 2017

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Answers to male versus female weight loss

Ladies, ever put yourself on a diet at the same time as your man and he loses more in a week than you do in a month? I’ve got answers.  Guys, do you wonder what all the fuss, angst and drama is about your woman trying to lose weight? Can’t she just do like you do? Cut back and it all falls off? Yes, I’ve got your back too. Women are 10 percent more likely […]

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Holiday Overindulgence

What’s the world record for eating Big Mac?  25 in one sitting.  Most donuts in under 10 minutes? A whopping 5 dozen. How many pounds of blueberry pie is the world record?  It’s 9.8 pounds in one sitting or about five and a half pies. And you can’t use your hands.  What better way to start off my research, to figure out how these people who do this for a living do it? Not that […]

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Hangover Cures and Prevention

Here… chew on this for your hangover. Dried. Bull. Penis. Yes, you didn’t hear that wrong. It’s the treat that I give to my dog.  In a list of the strangest hangover cures, Sicilians with hangovers would gnaw on a good ol’ dried bull penis. While if you’re in Las Vegas, they’re hooking you up to an IV of vitamins, liver support and hydration while driving you around the city. (The assumption with the dried […]

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EAT THIS to Fight Things Like the Flu

When you get that scratchy throat and your nose is running like a tap, your body aches and you’ve got the chills, what is your body telling you? It’s shouting at you, saying you could be sick and that your immune system is working. It’s not the bug that’s making you feel awful, but the immune system’s re-sponse to it. Sometimes you’ll get a fever, other times you won’t. Either way, it’s a good sign. […]

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EAT THIS To Improve Your Libido

Do you keep hearing, “Not tonight honey, I’m tired”? Or probably the most common excuse – “I have a headache,” as your partner rolls over and turns away from you in bed? It’s estimated that 30-40 percent of people around the globe experience a lack of interest in sex for at least several months of the year. Low libido reasons can range from stress, emotional difficulties, hormone imbalance and physical issues, including erectile dysfunction. Sex […]